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Hello A few months ago I went on vacation with my son to live with friends. My husband was working out and needed rest. Our friends have a pool and jacuzzi, said the week was very fun and relaxing. The last night we had dinner and I had to drink more auntmia or less what I feel hot. When we returned, my son went to bed and sat three talked for a while and then asked who in the hot tub with him. C said he was tired and going to bed, so I said I would go for a while to keep him company. I went to bed, then C, A rose naked in the jacuzzi, have changed in my black bikini and joined him in the hot bubbling water. We sat and talked for a while, when the conversation turned to sex and fantasies, my pussy began to ache a little as I told some of his fantasies. But when I went home early in the day and was now midnight, I said I was out and go to bed. He then asked a farewell kiss, like I was sleeping when we left. soI thought, 'I'll kiss him and then go to bed. ' But when I kissed her and slid her tongue in my mouth, I found the answer to him and returned the kiss with equal passion. As in the other tongue in my pussy began to moisten. While auntmia we kissed slowly loosen the strings of auntmia my bikini and let it sink in hot water. As his hand moved to my tits I could feel my nipples harden under his touch. I think now auntmia he realizes the effect it had on me and put a hand on my pussy very wet now. I knew I had to stop, but it felt so good. His hand was soon felt my pussy auntmia through my bikini funds. His fingers quickly found my swollen clit hard and stroking through my wet bikini. Then pulled my bikini to the side and his hand was on my shaved pussy and then started to rub my clit hard, this was enough, and I came up with the hand, my whole body shaking with pure joy. I pulled my hand now in its hard throbbing cock and began to feelslowly masturbate him. now had two fingers in her cunt dripping finger slipped and began to slowly fuck me. He lifted me out of the water and measures the jacuzzi and my legs spread wide to get auntmia a good look at my pussy damp cloth. He bowed his head and slowly started licking my pussy as he slid his finger back into my hole dripping. For now, complained loudly and screaming for an end to catch me. I put it back in the water, and the button pressed my lips quivering auntmia wet pussy and slowly relaxed me. I could feel my pussy stretch around him as he pushed deeper into me and I started slow and steady movements, fuck, gradually accelerated until he was deep in my tight hole encounter. I began to feel another orgasm building in me and I had another thrilling climax. This is obviously a joy when I felt his cock throb himself as a jet of hot cum inside me. He got up and licked my cock and sucked dry of both our juices. Now it was time for bed. Let me know what you think u D xx
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